Project created in the course EDUC 8078 - Telecommunications through the computer and its application in education, with Rosa E. Mejías, MA.
Project created in Google Sites

Apps and services used:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
AECT Standards applied
Standard #1 Content Knowledge
- Creation of instructional material
- Use of different technological resources and processes
- Evaluation of the integration with Analytics and Moodle
- Manage of resources to create content
- Ethics by providing credits, references and information of the used resources

Standard #2 Content Pedagogy
- Content with Pedagogy to improve learning performance
- Ethics: use of material that emphasizes in a multicultural society

Standard #3 Learning Environments

- Creation of instructional design content based on learning principles
- Use of appropriate resources to provide optimal conditions for learning
- Maintenance of the technology infrastructure 
- Ethics: Respect of copyright, Fair use. 

Standard #4 Professional Knowledge and Skills
- Collaboration with other professionals
- Reflection on practice

Standard #5 Research

- Application of theoretical foundations and research methods
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