Emergency preparedness plan for people living with chronic health conditions (EPP)
Reduce barriers to health access through inclusive design[1], collaboration, risk communication and community engagement with an emergency preparedness plan.
This plan will help Puerto Rico’s functional diversity and chronic health conditions population to prepare for an emergency (hurricane, earthquake, fire, tsunami).
•    Conceptualize an inclusive design printed material (EPP):
o    That includes educational and practical content.
o    That considers the needs of population with functional diversity and chronic health conditions.
•    Validate material and accessibility with Community Health Workers (CHWs).
•    Print material.
•    Design and publish a responsive and inclusive online landing page
Target Audience
•    Puerto Rico’s population:
o    Within the functional diversity community.
o    Living with one or more chronic health conditions.
o    General public.
•    CHWs.
•    CHWs (Medtronic Foundation)
•    Communication Division - Puerto Rico Public Health Trust
•    Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust
•    Conceptualization of printed and digital materials
•    Multiple online and on-site meetings with stakeholders
•    Design cycle (with multiple repetitions)
•    Graphic design creation and revisions.
•    Validation and tests with the CHWs.
•    Revisions of the educational and practical content.
•    Branding validation and approval with the Puerto Rico Public Health Trust Communication Division.
•    Print 
•    Demo and prototypes
•    Worked closely with the printing company to assure the content is accurately displayed in printed material.
•    Digital and Online
•    Design and publish a responsive and inclusive online landing page (in process)
•    Revision and validation (in process)
Landing Page
•   Brand identity required by the multiple stakeholders was applied throughout all printed and digital materials. The use of color in texts was limited and optimized for contrast and reading. 
•   Suggestions and recommendations to create a material that was inclusive to achieve a greater engagement with multiple communities. This included the suggestions to create a narrated version and online version. 
•   Multiple design cycles were done to validate and assure the content and quality of the printed material with the stakeholders.
•   Start of the project: February 2022. A personal deadline was established to have the plans 
printed and distributed before hurricane season (June 2022). 

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