This Virtual Environment was created in the context of the Course EDUC 8208 - Videogames and simulations for education.

It was guided by Professors Manuel Álvarez and Joseph Carroll-Miranda, to create a virtual space for people with funcional diversity, and applying concepts from universal design, to discover the Tren Urbano Train Stations.
Project created in Google Sites and YouTube

Apps and services used:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition
AECT Standards applied
Standard #1 Content Knowledge
- Creation of instructional material
- Use of different technological resources and processes
- Evaluation of the integration with Analytics and Moodle
- Manage of resources to create content
- Ethics by providing credits, references and information of the used resources

Standard #2 Content Pedagogy
- Content with Pedagogy to improve learning performance
- Ethics: use of material that emphasizes in a multicultural society

Standard #3 Learning Environments

- Creation of instructional design content based on learning principles
- Use of appropriate resources to provide optimal conditions for learning
- Maintenance of the technology infrastructure 
- Ethics: Respect of copyright, Fair use. 

Standard #4 Professional Knowledge and Skills
- Collaboration with other professionals
- Reflection on practice

Standard #5 Research

- Application of theoretical foundations and research methods
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