Intersecciones (Intersections) was a limited peer-reviewed magazine for projects and in the fields of communication and research. The project was part of the Communication Conference created by School of Communication of University of Puerto Rico, from 2016 to 2018 (Now Faculty of Communication and Information).  
Visual Identity
Logo design: the brief of the magazine was to create a visual identity related to School of Communication and the Communication Conference.  
Assets and Materials produced 
1st Issue
The first issue was a traditional PDF with peer reviewed articles from different fields in communication.  
2nd Issue
The second issue was themed after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017. The issue was website only peer-reviewed articles, videos, and infographics. 
Apps, Software and platforms used
Team and Organization
- Google Workspaces (Formerly know as Google Suite) 
- Hangouts 
- Gmail 
Social Media and Online Platforms
- WordPress (Gantry Theme)
- Facebook Page
Printed and Social Media Assets
- Adobe Illustrator 
- Adobe Photoshop 
- Adobe InDesign 
- Adobe After Effects 
- Adobe Acrobat Pro 

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